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The course is divided into 4 modules, and you will be assessed and awarded badges along the way! The course also includes interactive training including labs to reinforce all of the learning components above.

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There are 6 modules in this course

This is an elementary-level Korean language course, consisting of 5 lessons with 4 units, and covers 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The main topics include basic expressions used in everyday life, such as greetings, introducing yourself, talking about your family and a daily life and so on. Each lesson covers dialogues, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, quizzes and role-plays.

Benefits of Moving from Pakistan to Korea

  1. Employment Opportunities: South Korea has a strong and diverse economy with opportunities in various sectors, including technology, manufacturing, and services. If you possess skills in high-demand fields, you may find good job opportunities.
  2. Quality of Life: South Korea is known for its high standard of living, advanced infrastructure, and modern amenities. The country also offers a safe and clean environment.
  3. Education System: If you have children, South Korea has a well-regarded education system with a focus on science and technology. There are also many international schools that cater to expatriate families.
  4. Cultural Experience: Moving to Korea can provide you with a unique cultural experience. You can explore Korean traditions, cuisine, and historical landmarks.

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